Web Development.

If you are here you probably know how important it is to have a secure, modern and UX optimised website nowadays.
Choose someone experienced, who made dozens of decent websites for all kinds of businnesses from the small brochure websites to giant corporate portals – contact me.

My Portfolio.

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There are over sixty thousand¬†plugins in the WordPress official repository. Unfortunately it’s often difficult to find the one that suits our requirements. They’re often overcomplicated or missing important functions/features. If you want a unique, customised, tailored exactly for your needs WordPress plugin – contact me.

I have developed many plugins for various customers in my career, of which three have been submitted, reviewed and approved by the official WordPress developers team.

My Public Plugins.

Smooth Maps.

Display Google Maps on your website with easy shortcodes.
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Conversion Helper.

Set up google ads conversion tracking without coding.
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Product Enquiry.

Let customers enquire about products instead of buying.
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Maintenance Plans.

Taking care of WordPress websites is a little bit like maintaining a car. Even though you know how to drive it, take care of it or fix simple things – a serious breakdown can leave you alone on a motorway.¬† Hire a mechanic to look after your website to make sure it’s in a great shape all the time!

Contact Me.

Whether you want changes to the website, updates/maintenance, new functionality, a new site or just to a chat – give me a shout.