Outlook.com SMTP Settings

Host: smtp-mail.outlook.com
Port: 587
Username: Your Outlook.com account email (e.g. john@outlook.com)
Password: Your Outlook.com account password
Encryption: TLS

Office 365 SMTP Settings

Host: smtp.office365.com
Port: 587
Username: Your Office 365 account email
Password: Your Office 365 account password
Encryption: TLS

Hotmail SMTP Settings

Host: smtp.live.com
Port: 587
Username: Your Hotmail account email (e.g. john@hotmail.com)
Password: Your Hotmail account password
Encryption: TLS

Yahoo Mail SMTP Settings

Host: smtp.mail.yahoo.com
Port: 465
Username: Your Yahoo Mail account email (e.g. john@yahoo.com)
Password: Your Yahoo Mail account password
Encryption: SSL

Please note you will need to to enable less secure apps.

AOL SMTP Settings

Host: smtp.aol.com
Port: 587
Username: Your AOL screen name (e.g. john)
Password: Your AOL account password
Encryption: TLS